At its core, Mona B is a lifestyle brand committed to sustainability. When you shop with Mona B, you’re not just buying a product- you’re investing in eco-friendly fashion without compromising style. Each season, we innovate new ways to bring high-quality products to our customers while reducing our environmental footprint.

Mona's Vision: Reduce, Reuse, and Up-cycle:

Our founder and creative director, Mona Bhatia, is a dedicated, creative designer who is passionate about genuine style that doesn't compromise when it comes to environmental impact. With over a decade of fashion-forward design experience, Mona is working to build a brand that offers quality alternatives in an age of disposable fashion.

 “We believe in making a great product while helping the environment at the same time.”

 The Mona B brand reflects Mona's name and philosophy, and our company is built on her values: independence, adventure, and environmental responsibility. The Mona B brand synthesizes a love of travel and exploration with the down-to-earth character of our home base in Cleveland, Ohio.  Grounding our style in Mona's sensibilities, we strive to bring our customers a chic line that is equal parts free-spirited and practical. Learn how we got our start in sustainable fashion with our signature product: the upcycled canvas bag.

Canvas RE-Imagined:

Mona became fascinated by a fabric that most people considered waste: military canvas. After years of use by the army, covering trucks as tarps and providing shelter as tents, this textile was thrown out. Intrigued by the possibility of breathing new life into this beautifully textured material, Mona and her team worked to create the first Mona B product line: the up-cycled canvas handbag. First, the weathered canvas is carefully collected, cut, hand-stitched and screen-printed in order to tell a unique story. We also use water-based dyes exclusively in the creation of each product in this line to reinforce our commitment to the environment.

Early in the product development process, Mona B faced an obstacle: some of the pieces of up-cycled canvas showed signs of wear after continuous heavy use from our adventure-loving customers. Rather than compromising on quality, Mona B went back to the drawing board. Working together, we innovated a new process to break down and re-weave the post-consumer military canvas into a new, zero-waste fabric made entirely of recycled materials, introducing Mona B RE-Milled ®.  

Not only is this re-woven fabric stronger, but by re-milling the fabric instead of cutting around damaged portions, we are able to incorporate every scrap of canvas in a zero-waste manufacturing process. We've even started to collect canvas waste from other factories – eradicating waste not only in our products but diminishing waste from neighboring factories.

Every day, Mona B is proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for affordable, eco-friendly fashion. Our fabric and products are unique, and through our signature up-cycling and re-milling manufacturing processes, we give each piece of canvas back its own identity and appearance. By celebrating the variations in texture from our raw material, we create products where every piece tells a story. 

Over the years, the simple idea that sustainable can be stylish has grown into a lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of eco-friendly, fashionable products. Learn more about how we incorporate sustainability in each part of what we do at Mona B.

Zero-waste manufacturing

At Mona B, sustainability is core to everything we do. In addition to our re-milling process and sustainable water-based dyes, we practice zero-waste manufacturing.  Every inch of the leather we source is put to good use – wastage and excess pieces are repurposed for design accents, details and small constructional components in other products. We also utilize leftover canvas scraps created by cutting fabric for our handbags into small accessories. By operating our own factories, we have complete creative control over our brand, which gives us the freedom to combine design and manufacturing processes to create a product that is as stylish as it is eco-friendly.

By practicing zero-waste manufacturing, we divert tons of post-consumer waste from the landfill each year, reducing pollution and conserving resources. Every time you incorporate reducing, reusing, and up-cycling into your lifestyle, you reduce our impact on the climate and minimize our greenhouse gas emissions.

Jute: eco-friendly fashion

Jute is a renewable, sustainable fiber which doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizer to grow and is completely biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly. Perfectly calibrated to the seasonal cycles of India, the crop does not require irrigation, conserving water. Its deep roots stabilize the soil in which it is planted and prevent soil erosion during the heavy rains of the monsoon. The long, flexible fibers of the jute plant sequester carbon and add oxygen to the atmosphere. Once harvested, the sustainability and durability of this natural, color-fast fabric make it the perfect material for our market bags.

Vegan leather, luxury feel

If you want cruelty-free ethical fashion, you've come to the right place. Each bag in Mona B's vegan collection is made out of high-quality biodegradable polyurethane (PU). Because all the products in this line use polyurethane exclusively, you can rest assured that there are no animal-based materials used in construction or composition in the making of the bag. Additionally, because polyurethane is manufactured without the release of dioxins, it is more environmentally-friendly than other faux leathers, such PVC or vinyl.

With its soft, silky texture, vegan leather looks and feels great in your hands. Polyurethane leather is also more affordable and low-maintenance than genuine leather, which requires special care and handling. The vegan line at Mona B offers cruelty-free products which are elegant enough for special occasions while being resilient enough for everyday use. 

Low-impact packaging

Building sustainability in a brand starts with manufacturing practices, but it doesn't end there at Mona B. We ship our products using recycled cardboard cartons, conserving the energy and water associated with making new cartons, while also reducing pollution and saving space in landfills. As we continue our search for the most sustainable way to bring you our merchandise, we are also moving towards using recyclable materials for the rest of our product packaging. From factory to final destination, we put the Earth first at Mona B.

Sustainability at our core

At Mona B, we believe in progress, not perfection. Our story as a brand is marked by a constant search for new ways to build sustainability into every step of the supply chain, from how we dye fibers to how we package our products. We are dedicated to daring to be the change the world needs. #BeFearlesslyAuthentic with us.